Aurore Chadoin & Sebastián Motter


Tango classes in Paris

Group & Private

We can teach in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Swedish

Group lessons (September 2020 to June 2021)

Thursdays: 20:15, Beginners ; 21:15 Intermediate/Advance - Le Baretto, 18 rue du Moulin Joly, 75011 Paris
18€ 1 class, 100€ for a 6 classes package or 150€ for a 10 classes package

Wednesdays: 19:15, 20:30 and 21:450 - Espace Wu Wei, 227 rue pierre legrand, 59000 Lille

Private lessons
At 14 Rue Arthur Groussier, 75010 Paris
60€ for 1 person, 70€ for a couple and +10€ for classes at your home

Private events

The price shall depend on the venue and duration of the performance. Contact us to get a quote.



Aurore and Sebastián had been dancing Tango for more than 15 and 10 years and teaching it for several years when they met in 2017 in a milonga in Paris. Shortly thereafter they decide to move to Buenos Aires to study tango in all its dimensions and refine their dancing. Going through all imaginable classes, milongas and studios porteños they develop their dancing through hard work as time goes by.

In September 2019 they finish second on the Tango Adulto competition in the Carlos Gardel Festival in Rosario and they also take the second place in the Tango Escenario competition in the 2019 French Championship.

Back in Europe, they are eager to share their experience and to pass on all they've learned from the various Grand Maestros they worked with. They give group and private classes in Paris and Lille, as well as in the rest of France and Europe where they also perform.



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+33(0)665083708 +33(0)665027681

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